Nostalgia Knights

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About us

To All Car Enthusiasts


   The Nostalgia Knights Classic Car Club is based on the theory "Let's Have Fun".

This is the most important aspect of our organization. Too many times clubs lose track of

what a club is for. Money, Politics and Greed get in the way.


We must keep the idea of "Let's Have Fun" alive.

Our goal is not to be the biggest club around, but the most fun, friendly and unified.


The Nostalgia Knights are a benevolent society. We support local and

national charities to the best of our ability. As a condition of our membership, we make

every effort to represent the Nostalgia Knights through safe driving, positive spirit of car

enthusiasm, and proper behavioral conduct in our society.


By no means do we discriminate against anyone based on age, race, religion, sex or sexual preference.


We cherish each others friendship and comradery not only in club

affiliated events, but also in our every day undertakings.


Best wishes to one and all from the Nostalgia Knights.


Keep on CRUISIN.


-Nostalgia Knights

President/Show Chairman

Bill Nese

Vice President/Show Chairman

John Thompson

John Hatolovsky


Barbara Marcacci


Rich Nicolella

Fundraising Chairman

      Danny P

Website Design & Social Media specialist.